Blow Moulding Process


When extruding a polymer through a worm is based on compression of material, by means of an extrusion screw, which carries a mold as preform and transferred to the compressed air blowing into the desired shape of the mold bringing the cast to a vertical tooling that will give shape, using air regulated to be taken for a blow mold to be defined by means of compressed air the final shape of the product material.


plasticplus_baja_0007_layer-10 plasticplus_baja_0012_layer-5 plasticplus_baja_0010_layer-7




The process steps include extrusion-blown:
1.- Melting plastic material
2.- Obtaining precursor
3.- Introduction of the precursor hollow in the blow mold
4.- Inflating air inside the precursor is in the mold
5.- Cooling the molded part
6.- Demoulding the piece



This process also find it as:

  • Blow moulding
  • Machine blow
  • Extrusion blow
  • Extrusion process
  • Process for producing bottles
  • Plastic bottles manufacturers
  • Plastic cylinder manufacturers
  • Plastic blow moulding