Blow Moulding Process


When extruding a polymer through a worm is based on compression of material, by means of an extrusion screw, which carries a mold as preform and transferred to the compressed air blowing into the desired shape of the mold bringing the cast to a vertical tooling that will give shape, using air regulated to be […]

Injection Moulding Process


Is a manufacturing process for producing parts by injecting material into a mould. 1. The main function of the injection unit is to melt, mix and inject the polymer with temperatures: (PP-PE 185 ° C-215 ° C) (PVC 135 ° C-145 ° C) and (Nylon Palyamidas- 325 ° C-350 ° C) 2. This system basically […]

Extrusion Process


Process consisting of compression, continuous flow with pressure and thrust it passed by a given charge of the desired shape.   1. The spindle is responsible for transporting the resin to head into the desired shape (sheet, cylindrical, strips, or profiles, etc.) 2. The resin is heated to a molten state Example (PVC) at a […]